Renters Insurance: Why You Need It

professional moversMoving to a new rental?  Whether an apartment, townhome, or rental house, renters insurance is a wise investment. Not sure what renters insurance is or why you need it? Read on to find out the benefits of purchasing renters insurance and the risk you are taking by choosing not to. Need help with your move? Hire Greensboro movers, Steele and Vaughan for reliable moving services.

There are Many Benefits to Paying for Renters Insurance

  1. Protect your belongings in case of a disaster in your building. If there was a fire or some other disaster in your building that inflicted damage to your possessions, renters insurance will give you the funds necessary to replace them.
  2. Protect your belongings in case of a disaster in a nearby building. If there are other buildings close by, a fire or other disaster near you could damage your belongings as well. Renters insurance covers damage in this case as well.
  3. Protect yourself financially for a disaster that is your fault. In case you started a fire or flooded your apartment building, renters insurance covers the damages you may have caused to other tenants’ belongings as well as your own, up to your policy amount.
  4. Protect yourself from accident liability. If a guest gets seriously injured in your home, leading to medical expenses or a lawsuit, your renters insurance covers that too and provides compensation.
  5. Renters insurance is affordable. You can purchase renters insurance that will cover your belongings up to $10,000 in personal property coverage and $100,000 in liability for around $120 a year. You may be eligible for lower rates for the presence of certain safety features, such as a fire suppression or security system.

Not Having Renters Insurance is Risky

When you opt out of purchasing renters insurance, you are putting yourself in financial risk. In case something unfortunate does occur, such as a fire or some other type of disaster, you would have no recourse for replacing your own damaged items. If you caused damage to your building or other tenants’ possessions, you would be liable with no insurance to help with the cost. Some landlords will require you to purchase renters insurance for these reasons, especially to protect their building. The landlord’s policy will not cover your possessions either. It covers structural damage, but not clothes, shoes, books, electronics, and other personal items.

Greensboro Movers, Steele and Vaughn, Recommend Purchasing Renters Insurance

It is important to understand that your mover’s insurance and renters insurance are not the same. When you hire Greensboro movers to help you relocate, you can purchase moving insurance to cover your possessions during the move. Renters insurance protects your belongings after you move while you are renting and for as long as you purchase coverage. The amount of coverage you can get for such a reasonable price makes getting renters insurance a no-brainer. Trust your possessions to Steele and Vaughn during your move and protect them afterward with renters insurance.

Tips for Saving Time and Money When Moving

Photo of boxes for moving in Greensboro NCDreading your big move coming up? Moving can be costly, stressful, and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of great ways to save yourself some time and money whether you’re moving across town or across the country. Follow these tips and hire reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, to make your relocation as smooth and affordable as possible.

  1. Careful packing goes a long way. The order in which you pack things matters, as well as the things you should keep separate. One of the first things you will want to do is make the beds up in your new home, so keep the bedding in an easy to find place (perhaps your own vehicle). Also pack a suitcase or travel bag with at least 3 days of clothes and toiletries (more if you are traveling farther) in case it takes a while to organize everything. When you take apart furniture or other large items, put all bolts and screws and small pieces in carefully labeled Ziploc bags. Before you unplug electronics, take a picture of the wires with your phone so you’ll know how to plug everything back in. Take the time to pack carefully and you will save yourself a lot of time unpacking.
  2. Keep your toolbox handy. This is another item that may be best to pack in your own car. You’ll need tools first upon arrival at your new home to assemble beds and other furniture pieces. If your tools get buried at the back of the moving truck, you’ll have to wait until everything is moved in to start putting things together, especially your bed, which you’ll be dying to climb into and collapse.
  3. Keep track of your moving expenses. If you are relocating for your job, you may be able to deduct some of your moving expenses from your taxes. Keep track of how much you spend at each step of your move, including what you pay your movers in Greensboro, NC, so that you will have proper documentation when it’s time to file your taxes.

Hiring Professional Movers Can Actually Save You Time and Money

Thinking you’ll save money by moving your things yourself? While it may seem that way at first, the costs really add up. If you have to make multiple trips in your own vehicle, the cost of gas alone will be significant. Renting a truck comes with its own expenses, and then you’re still responsible for packing, loading, driving, and unloading. If your things get broken or damaged, there’s no way to recoup that loss because you were the responsible party. Save yourself time and money by hiring movers in Greensboro, NC. Don’t wait, reserve your moving date now with Steele and Vaughn. Call (336) 273-0546.

Tips for Becoming an Empty Nester

Photo of empty nestersHas your child recently graduated and begun a career? As a parent, you probably have a lot of mixed feelings about becoming an empty-nester. Though this can be a challenging time, you’ve probably thought about making changes to your lifestyle already. It’s not uncommon to have plans to downsize your home or move to a new area altogether after the children are on their own. If you are making a change, you may need a moving company in Winston Salem that also offers short and long-term storage solutions. Take some of the stress out of the transition by following this and other tips for becoming an empty nester:

  1. Decide what stays and what goes. Whether you are renovating, moving, or not planning any major change at this time, this might be a good time to decide if you have belongings that you can eliminate or place in storage.
  2. Take stock and make a plan. Figure out how much space you will really need if you’re planning on moving to a new home. Or do your plans include renovating your current home? Will you be moving your belongings permanently, or temporarily storing anything while your home is transformed?
  3. Follow your plan. If you are moving because you are downsizing and/or preparing to retire, you’ll need a game plan and professional help. Steele and Vaughn offers free online move resources in addition to professional moving and storage services.
  4. Hire a moving company in Winston Salem. A moving company can load up your things, move them to the new location, and unload them, all without you having to lift a finger other than to point to where things should go. Make sure the company you hire knows how to handle special items like electronics, antiques and artwork.
  5. Relax and enjoy being an empty nester. You have more time for yourself and with your spouse. Take a trip, plan date nights, or do something you enjoy to celebrate your new situation. This will help you to stay positive and not dwell on the harder emotions that may accompany this transition.

Reliable Moving Company in Winston Salem, Steele and Vaughn, Expertly Handle All Types of Moves

If you want to make a major change in lifestyle as easy as possible, hire Steele and Vaughn. Whether you need storage or moving services, are moving across town, state or even across country, Steele and Vaughn can help. Do it the easy way; hire a reliable moving company in Winston Salem to do the heavy lifting so you can enjoy more quality time. Call (336) 273-0546 to inquire about our storage solutions or reserve your moving day today.

There Is a Best Time to Put Your House on the Market

Moving graphic - family with boxes behind them moving in Greensboro NCYou may have wondered about this if you’ve ever thought about selling your home. Is there a certain time of year that is best to put your home on the market? You may have heard that spring is the best season to sell a home. The weather is nice, flowers are blooming, and people are house hunting. Statistics show that it can actually be narrowed down to a more specific time frame. Put your house on the market at the right time, and it might be snapped up fast. Don’t get caught unprepared for a quick sale. Do your research on movers in Greensboro, NC, before you put your house on the market so you’ll be ready to move out if you get a good offer.

For Best Results Put Your House on the Market in the Month of May

Real estate statistics show that more homes sell between May 1st and May 15th than any other time in the year. And they sold for 1% more than average sales. But it’s important to understand the process. You will need to prepare well in advance of May 1st to have your home ready to be listed by then. How far in advance? That depends on the extent of the work your home requires to be sale-ready. A deep cleaning, yard work, and some basic staging may only take a few weeks, where painting, remodeling, planting, etc. may take months. It’s never too early to have a real estate agent come by and give you suggestions for improvements and an idea of what your listing price could be. Let the experts help you sell your home as fast as possible and for the highest possible price.

In Contrast, May is Not the Best Time to Buy a House

Unfortunately, the reasons that May is a good time to sell a house are the same reasons that May is not a good time to buy a house. Houses are selling fast, meaning it’s difficult to find one in the first place. And if you do find one you like, you may find yourself in a bidding war with another potential buyer, meaning you will likely end up paying more. Will the 1% more you get for your house balance out the extra amount you will spend on a new house? Probably not. Also, May through August is the busy time for movers in Greensboro, NC, meaning you may struggle to find reliable movers who are available during this timeframe.

Reserve your Movers in Greensboro, NC, Well in Advance if at all Possible

If you do plan to sell your home and buy a new one in the spring, its best to reserve your movers as soon as possible. Once you know your closing date for your new home, schedule your moving date. Choose reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, Steele and Vaughn and rest assured your possessions will make the transition safely. Call (336) 273-0546 to reserve your moving date today.

Work Relocation Checklist

Group of professionals smilingAre you moving because your job? Whether you’re going to work for a new employer in another city or your current employer is asking you to relocate, there are some important items to consider as you prepare for the move. Make the whole process easier on yourself by checking off the things on this list and by hiring professional corporate movers in Greensboro, NC.

  • Get all possible relocation benefits. Ask your employer what incentives, bonuses, allowances, and reimbursements are available.
  • Hire a real estate agent to sell your current home. It can sometimes take a few months to sell a home, so the sooner you get your house on the market the better.
  • Research the city you’re moving to. Get a feel for the community and the local economy. Make sure your new salary is sufficient for the area. Find out where you may want to live in proximity to your workplace.
  • Visit your new city a few times prior to moving. It is crucial that you see the new place in person to get a feel for the atmosphere and rhythm of the city.
  • Find a real estate agent in your new city to help you find the right home and location for you. If you need to know what neighborhoods are best for families in good school districts or if you want to be near the city or in the country, a real estate agent who is familiar with the new city can help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Research mortgage lenders. Choose one and get preapproval. Shop around for mortgage rates and get preapproved so that you will know your price range before you start looking at homes.
  • Choose reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, to help you relocate easily. Whether you are leaving Greensboro or moving in, it’s important to find movers you can trust to get your things from point A to point B safely.
  • Make travel arrangements for yourself, family, and pets. As soon as you have the moving date set, book your flights if necessary including pet arrangements.
  • Tie up loose ends like utilities, bank accounts, and medical prescriptions. Be sure to have your utilities turned off for your old home after you leave and have your new home’s utilities turned on before you arrive. Transfer your bank accounts if necessary and refill all of your prescriptions.

Steele and Vaughn, Experienced Movers in Greensboro, NC
If you’ve completed this checklist, you are well prepared for relocation. Wherever you are in the process, keep this list close and refer to it often. You will find that the entire process is much less stressful when you take care of these items in due time. Then you are free to focus on your new career and the opportunities that are opening up for you. Trust Steele and Vaughn, reliable movers in Greensboro, NC, to help you make a smooth transition to the next phase of your life. Call (336) 273-0546.