Moving to a New School

It’s that time of year again! Students all over the country have already started their back to school shopping. Whether with excitement or dread, they are going back.  Students returning to the same school pretty much know what to expect but starting a new school equals a big bunch of unknowns.

Are you a Greensboro mover with children getting ready to move or just settling in? Will your children be starting a new school? Steele & Vaughn know from many years working with our Greensboro Move customers that this can create feelings of uncertainty and a bit of dread. Settling into a new home and neighborhood is a huge adjustment, but add the adjustment to a new school on top of that and that is a lot of change for a child.  However, it can be a very positive experience and one we would like to help you with.

Steele & Vaughn is happy to provide tips and resources for our Greensboro Movers to help their kids adjust to a new school.

  • Make a memory scrapbook-Before your child begins the new school, make a scrapbook together including photos of the old school, teachers, friends, school art work, projects and programs from music and sporting events. This is a wonderful way to introduce yourself to new teachers and friends when you arrive at your new school. They will see that you were a happy member of a school community and help to create a bond and connection into the new school. Your child will feel proud to have something to share about where he or she comes from.  Sharing the scrapbook will give kids in the new school a way to get to know your child better taking some mystery out of the new comer.
  • Contact the school-You will need to register your child but also ask what programs they might have to help your child feel at home there. Many schools have student guides and mentors that were chosen by their teachers and counselors specifically for their welcoming friendly nature to guide and assist your child in getting around and for making introductions to new classmates. Your school will most likely have visiting days and or events for new students.
  • Reach out to the new teacher-Perhaps you will have the opportunity to meet with the teacher before your student begins school so they can get to know one another. If not, look into the possibility of a phone call and/or email. This will help your child feel more comfortable entering a new classroom for the first time.
  • Get to know your neighbors-As you are moving in and settling in, you might have an opportunity to meet some of your neighbors. Your neighbors might have school students themselves or will most likely know if there are children in the neighborhood that attend the same school. This might be an opportunity to meet new schoolmates outside of school.
  • Extra-curricular activities-It is a good idea for Greensboro Movers to look into your new area ahead of time and see if your child’s favorite extra-curricular activities are offered by the school or in the community. If your child participates in a sport, music, scouts etc., they will be at ease to know that they will have an immediate common connection with other students who participate in the same activity. If you move during summer, your child may even be able to become involved with their favorite sport or activity before school even starts, helping him or her to make new friends.
  • Once your child begins forming new connections, give him or her the opportunity to communicate back to their old school friends through sharing photos and stories of their new school experience. It will reinforce their new connections and help them feel proud of their new school.

We found more great tips for Greensboro Movers with students in the following article:

Yes, there will be unknowns but this can be an exciting and hopeful time too. Steele & Vaughn would like our Greensboro Movers to know we understand. We are here to take the stress out of your move.  Happy Housewarming to our Greensboro Movers and good luck to your children in their new schools!

New Home Safety

This month Steele & Vaughn has been taking Greensboro movers step by step through the moving process with safety specifically in mind. June is National Safety Month and Steele & Vaughn wants to help our Greensboro movers keep safe.  We have discussed reducing stress to avoid accidents, packing safety, and move day safety.  This week we will cover your new home safety.

You have arrived! You have much to do to settle into your new space and call it home. Your Greensboro movers have carefully placed your belongings and you are ready to live here. Time to make your new home safe for you and your family.  You will want to look after a few things as soon as you arrive to ensure a safe space.

  • Look over the home and property for anything that could potentially be unsafe. Things like nails on the ground, frayed wires, uneven pavements or even trees hanging over the home or utility wires.
  • Check all of your fire alarms to make sure they are in good working order. Replace batteries if necessary. Have every member of your household hear a test example of the alarms so that they are familiar with and will recognize the sound as the fire alarm.
  • Develop a fire escape plan for every member of your family. You will want to do this before sleeping there on the very first night. You want your family very familiar with where to go and what to do in the event of a fire. Each member of your household should be aware of two ways to escape a fire.
  • Have a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Make sure all of the home doors and windows lock and the locks work. Consider changing the door locks as an extra home security measure. If the home doesn’t have a security system, you may want to look into that.
  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. Neighbors look after one another. Make sure you exchange phone numbers in case of emergencies.

We found a fabulous Home Safety Checklist on Real Simple and invite you to check it out for many other safety tips. It is especially good to read through if you are moving into your very first home and not used to thinking about the many home safety considerations. We’re glad you found us here during National Safety Month. We hope you’ll stop back time and time again for all our Move news. We here at Steele & Vaughn wish our Greensboro movers a happy, healthy, and safe future in their new homes.

Moving Day Safety

We here at Steele & Vaughn have been focusing on National Safety Month this June by providing our movers in Greensboro with tips and ideas for keeping safe through the move process.  The first week we shared our ideas for keeping your stress levels down during the move process to avoid accidents. The second week we discussed move packing safety. This week our movers in Greensboro will find safety tips for actual move day.

So you are all packed up and getting ready for your Greensboro movers to arrive and transport your belongings to your new home.  It is a very exciting time with many mixed emotions involved. It would be easy to forget something. Steele & Vaughn can help!

  • First you want to make arrangements for your pets and small children. It is all too easy for them to get hurt or even lost out an open door. Arrange for a baby sitter or pet sitter who can focus solely on their safety. You will be very busy and having a sitter ensures that someone is constantly looking after and caring for your pets and children while you tend to the details of moving. Pack a bag containing all their needs and leave it with the sitter.
  • Put together a bag or two of your personal travel items and keep it clearly away from everything that will be loaded onto the moving van.  Take all high valuable items with you such as jewelry, coins, important papers etc.  A first aid kit is a must and should be easily accessible at all times. Consider packing a roll of toilet paper for both ends of your move, plenty of water and healthy snacks.
  • Inspect the entire area for hazards that would potentially cause an accident. Inspect the floors for loose items and cords. Check all doorways and walkways outside the home for obstructions. Look for low hanging branches that could get in the way of your moving team.
  • Dress properly and use sunscreen and bug repellant.  Wear sturdy shoes and check the weather ahead of time to dress appropriately.
  • Always have your cell phones on hand both for communicating with your movers and your care givers as well as for an emergency.

Movers in Greensboro can find a library filled with more great moving safety tips to help cover all the bases on our move resources page. Be sure to check back with Steele & Vaughn next week. We will give our movers in Greensboro safety tips for arriving in your new homes.  Safe Moving!